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5/19/22 Who decides/votes to join associations?…

5/19/22 Who decides/votes to join associations?…
July 15, 2022 Adrienne Norris
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Kimber Glidden, the Boundary County library director announced she joined the American Library Association (ALA) at the May 2022 Library Board of Trustee’s meeting. Interestingly the board didn’t vote on this… and they did not question what the ALA’s policy is. You can listen to the audio of the Board meeting by clicking on the link below, find the audio for May 19th and then fast forward to (12:10).
Who should be deciding (or voting) on joining associations?… the director or the board? Our library’s involvement with the ALA costs money (membership dues) and their mission does not align with the moral fiber of most in our community.
Click on the link, then click on the “audio” for May 19, 2022. Jump to (12:10) to listen.

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