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August 18th 2022 Board meeting. Will they listen?…

August 18th 2022 Board meeting. Will they listen?…
August 18, 2022 Adrienne Norris
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Statement from Adrienne (her actions are not representing the group)

I would like to share my speech from today’s board meeting. Normally I wouldn’t since I am speaking for myself and not the recall group. But I feel you all should be aware of my speech since it is a legal matter. Plus it has my cited references for you to research. I have a recorded conversation of Kimber admitting she acted outside her scope of duties per the Library’s policy. Also that she broke Idaho Statute. I was not sure if the board was aware of the laws and policies she broke so that is why today I notified them to null and void the ALA membership and remove the June 16th policy since they were done illegally. According to Idaho Statute the board must null and void these actions before 15 days, because then no legal action can be be taken. I am sure the board will do what is right since according to the recorded conversation Kimber admits the board was not involved in the two actions. I provided the board with a copy of my notice, cited references and the thumbdrive with the recording.



August 18,2022 Boundary County Library Board Meeting

Adrienne Norris


I will be providing the library board today with a thumbdrive of a phone conversation between the director Kimber and I dated June 27th at 2:45pm. In the recording Kimber she states before the May 19th meeting no one except the director knew about the update for the Materials Selection and Collection Development policy. She continues telling me that she copied the American Library Association verbiage and added it to the library’s policy on her own with no guidance from the board. She continues explaining to me that she placed the proposed policy updates in the board member’s packets two weeks prior to the May 19th meeting and that was the first time any board member knew of the policy update. Under the Materials Selection and Collection Development policy 6.3 and Idaho Code Title 33 Chapter 26 it states that “Ultimate responsibility for the purpose, direction, and scope of the collection development rests with the board” 6.3 Also states “The board acts as a representatives of the community, setting policies and approving services for the institution”. ALA policy B.2.12 states “libraries and librarians have an obligation to resist efforts that exclude materials with any subject matter including sex and to argue the 1st Amendment. According to the Federal Obscenity Law Section 1466A of Title 18 and Idaho Statute 18 states that any materials including cartoons that depict minors engaging in sexual explicit conduct are deemed illegal. Kimber had no right to join the ALA without the board’s vote because the board is the only one that can decide if they agree with joining the ALA since their policy is a definitely a re”direction” that covers the “scope of our collection”. She should have had the board look over the policy manual and then the board should have voted on whether or not the ALA’s policy manual was aligned with the direction that our library wants to pursue. Also according to Idaho Open Meeting Law Statute 74 If an action, or deliberation or decision making that leads to an action, occurs at any meeting that fails to comply with the provisions of the Open Meeting Law, such action may be declared null and void by a court”. The law requires the board to publicly announce actions prior to acting on them. Kimber admits on the recorded call that she initiated the library joining the ALA and updating the policy with ALA verbiage without the board knowing or being able to announce the action prior to acting on them. The act of joining the ALA and any verbiage that was added to the June 16th updated policy is null and void. I am respectfully requesting you fix these illegal actions immediately. Thankyou


Here is the thumbdrive, a copy of this speech and links to my cited sources to verify my claim.



Here are two articles explaining why library computers have filters to block porn:


US Federal Law on Obscenity


Citizens guide to US Federal Law on Child Pornography

** Notice images of child pornography are not protected under the First Amendment Right for any age!! **


Idaho Statutes (look at 18-1513 through 18-1517)


House Bill 666


Idaho Open Meeting Law 74


Materials Selection and Collection Development policy 6.3


Idaho Code Title 33 Chapter 26


Quote: “Libraries have a responsibility to defend against challenges that limit a collection’s diversity of content. Challenges commonly cite content viewed as inappropriate, offensive, or controversial, which may include, but is not limited to,… sexual content,”



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