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In a nutshell this podcast is about 95% correct with the recall story….

In a nutshell this podcast is about 95% correct with the recall story….
September 5, 2022 Adrienne Norris
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In a nutshell this podcast is about 95% correct about the recall

In a nutshell this podcast is about 95% correct with the recall story. We only have an example pamphlet of what is in the  Sandpoint and Coeur d’ Alene libraries. This pamphlet came from the website that includes a list of 400 books. We didn’t post the whole website since we are not targeting the whole list on the website. Instead, we only posted the section of the website that shows materials with sexually explicit content. For some reason, Kimber and her supporters are promoting the 400 book list, which is disinformation. Our website and Facebook page both state we DO NOT HAVE A LIST and that the pamphlet is only an example. There is no point in having a list, since the list would always be changing due to new books going into circulation. The better solution is to have a policy that would state something like “materials that violate the Federal Obscenity Law 1466A and Idaho Statute 18 will not be added to the collection so that children cannot have access to these materials”. Furthermore, patrons can still access these materials through the Inter‐library loan checkout system. We are not trying to ban books! Right now, the June 16, 2022 updated policy change does not protect children from being exposed to unlawful sexually explicit materials. This policy update also conflicts with other sections of the policy. It seems like the Director did not verify that the update was consistent with the rest of the policy. She admitted that she updated the policy behind closed doors, without Board assistance or approval (illegal per policy 6.3 & Idaho Statute). The American Library Association’s membership (services) were supposed to be voted on by the board (per policy 6.3 & Idaho Statute). Kimber has admitted in a recorded phone conversation that she signed the library up  to join the ALA without Board approval.  A FOIA request produced the ALA receipt with the library’s name as the member. The ALA recommends that libraries and librarians should resist those trying to remove books with sexually explicit content by claiming it is a 1st Amendment violation. However, the Supreme Court has already ruled on this issue. As a result, libraries across the nation are required to add filters on their computers and wifi to keep porn from being accessed or risk losing federal funding.  So where are the filters on the shelves to protect children from sexually explicit materials? We understand that you can access this content on home computers, but the library is for all to enjoy. The library is a tax payer’s funded public facility and they provide children with materials and programs. The Age Discrimination Act of 1975 states, “Pursuant to regulations prescribed under section 6103 of this title, and except as provided by section 6103(b) of this title and section 6103(c) of this title, no person in the United States shall, on the basis of age, be excluded from participation, in be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under, any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance”. The library argument to allow sexually explicit materials on the shelves for minors to access is therefore null and void. We recommend that the library:
  • Repeal the June 16th policy update
  • Amend the policy to be in accordance with federal and state laws. Then verify the whole policy reflects this change.
  • Terminate the American Library Association membership.
Their current policy does not reflect our community’s interests. Once these changes are made we will stop our efforts!

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